Hop on a call with your Yaya Care Concierge

Everyone's aging process is unique and the initial assessment helps determine how we can best support you and your aging loved ones.

Proactive health check-ins

Our Registered Nurses check in regularly to screen for care gaps. We understand when to help, and how by using evidence-based methods.

Regular friendly calls

Determine the frequency of friendly calls to your loved ones. The same Yaya Care Concierge makes these calls, helping them form a trusting relationship.

Stay in the know as it happens

After each check-in, get notifications and information of anything needing your attention. Including scheduling health checkups, or hiring help for chores they’re falling behind on.

Yaya Care keeps everything confidential

Your privacy is our top concern. All your information is kept private, secure, and handled in compliance with HIPAA and other requirements.

Use insurance to save more

We're always adding more insurers, Yaya Care is designed to be affordable with or without insurance. A portion of our services could be covered depending on your coverage.

Everyone needs friends checking in

For the daughter who's mom is forgetting her name, to the mom of three who's dad just had a stroke, the woman whose recently widowed mom is too overwhelmed to leave the house to see her friends.

For the newly promoted VP of Marketing whose mom is isn't taking her medication, and the single mom who needs to help getting her dad to his doctor's appointments.

For the son devastated from losing his mom who raised him alone, and the working, traveling father whose dad needs more help around the house.

Yaya is for everyone.